Sherron Huffman is The Artistic Lady.  She is a performing arts professional, as well as an experienced  painter, photographer and poet.  She has been voted as one of the 88 most interesting people in San Antonio.

As a former gallery owner, she attracted over 1,700 people to her opening nights and has been featured on several front page publications.  As a photographer, she has done work for several renowned institutions, including Fiesta Texas, the Plaza Club, the University of the Incarnate Word and the Hyatt Resort.

As a producer and director, she has been involved in over 150 performing arts shows and is the founder of the San Antonio Fine Arts Center.  Sherron has also worked on multiple projects for the City Recreation Department of San Antonio.

As a dancer/choreographer, she has performed and has lead companies of dancers to perform at The White House, at National Conventions, The Wizard of Oz and Genesis.  As an actor, she has appeared in commercials for Coca Cola and HEB and in several plays including The Miracle Worker, diary of Anne Frank.

Sherron has received a Cammy Award for her innovative multimedia performing art productions and is currently in the process of finalizing  a new, seven art form staging, real-time audience engagement production.

Sherron holds a BFA from TCU and a Masters from Trinity University.


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